Seeking Development Grant


The vieleRETS group behind the application is seeking a development grant/funding to bring the RETS tool up to current programming and industry specifications. The grant being sought would be administered by the vieleRETS group and would only be used to fund the development of version 2.0 with full accounting and reporting. That being said the amount being sought is $4,500 …

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RETS Photo Hosting Solutions


If you host your RETS integrated real estate website on a VPS or shared hosting solution then this article may …

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RETS Integration Promotion


In order to fund the final stages of vieleRETS 2.0 development, the support members have decided to offer a promotion …

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vieleRETS moves to new model

After numerous issues working with a few third party products it has come time to abandon the old structure of …

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iProperty Code Generators

A contributing developer has donated 14 new scripts to vieleRETS this morning of which 4 are specifically used for building …

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vieleRETS and iProperty

Joomla iProperty – Integrate Your RETS and IDX with vieleRETS The development team has decided to add support for yet …

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Support Forums

In order to use the support forums you need to register to the site. Please use the registration widget on …

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Getting the project site ready for launch

Welcome to the new project support and resource location for the vieleRETS persistent downloader. Over the next few days, supporting …

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